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TRIZE Cloud Based Remote Development Methodology (TCBOC)

In order to provide successful remote development/IT services, we have our own remote project development methodology,

We have TRIZE Cloud Based Remote Development Methodology (TCBRD).

The feature of this methodology is to minimize various communication errors that occur in remote development,

DevOps Vodel aims for Intuitive and Tracivle Development/Service.

For about 5 years, we have been providing carbon trading systems, business intelligent systems, and affiliate websites for global top-tier financial group companies.

All were successfully developed, maintained and operated through Remote/Offshore.


To this end, the company has developed by major layers in the four stages of D communication> project management> issue management>

We actively utilize Industry Standard Cloud/online solutions to provide development/maintenance services to customers in the US, UK, and Australia.


Remote development by building a cloud-based DevOps environment

Cloud-based co-development environment (Github)

Cloud-based real-time development/distribution/version management (Jenkins)

Cloud-based screen co-development environment (Adobe XD)


Issue management through two-way communication through the Collaborative Issue Tracking System (JIRA)

Development stage: Requests, Bugs, Event registration -> Work/Consultation -> Case Close

Maintenance stage: Request, Event, Emergency registration -> Work/Consultation -> Case Close

프로젝트 관리

Project schedule/resource management using professional project tools

Real-time schedule and risk management through resource and task management using MS Project


Regular/irregular meetings using cloud-based online collaboration solutions

Continuous development consultation using MS Teams

Document sharing, meeting minutes, and meeting result record sharing using MS Teams

Online Meetings and Recordings

Instant Tasks / Resource Planning

Collaborative Issue Tracking

Interactive Screen Design and Review