About TRIZE Solutions

About Us - History

TRIZE Consulting was established in March, 2013 to provide complete array of services based on cloud platform including IT consulting, maintenance & support, IT strategy for global financial industries and major companies in Korea


TRIZE Solutions Co., LTD (Previously, TRIZE Consulting Co., LTD)



Young Cheol Jung


Cloud Consulting / Migration / Development / Maintenance / Integrated Billing (AWS Channel Reseller, AWS Solution Provider Program)

IT System/Software Development

IT/Business Strategy Consulting


HQ : Songpa Daero 201 Tera Tower 2 #B-1721, Songpa, Seoul, Korea

R&D Center: Gangseo Gonghang Daero 212 Queens Park 11, 3 FL #322, Seoul, Korea

Thailand Support Center : 24H x 365D Call&Support Support


82-2 - 6925 - 5593

Established Date

March 21, 2013


2024.04  Certified Global Stong Small-Mid Company 



2023.10  Certified Venture Business

2023.11  Gwachon R&D Center Open


2021.05    INNO-Biz Certified 

2021.03    Change Company Name "TRIZE Solutions"

2021.02    Cheil Samsung Electronics News Room Development and Maintenance & Support

2021.01    Selected for Promising export small and medium enterprise (Year 2021-2022)


2020.10    Obtained Corporate Research Institute Certification

2020.10    Providing consolidate AWS billing for Giftistar Client System

2020.09    Hyundai Green Power Inter System AWS Consulting & Migration (i.e. ERP, Groupware, Power Generator operation system, etc.)

2020.08    Developed Cloud based Power Generation Operating System (POMS) for Hyundai Green Power 

2020.08    Developed location based food ordering platform

2020.07    Developed Hybrid Cloud Architecture based LPG/LNG Business Intelligent System for Poten & Partners

2020.03    Developed Phase 2 of Trading System (BGC Environmental Brokerage System) based on Hybrid cloud architecture for BGC Partners


2019.11    West Seoul Opened R&D (WSDC) 

2019.10    Developed Workplace BPM for SK Semi-Conductor

2019.05    Developed Trading System (BGC Environmental Brokerage System) based on Hybrid cloud architecture for BGC Partners

2019.03    Became AMAZON AWS Channel Reseller/AMAZON AWS Solution Provider


2017.05    AMAZON AWS Standard Consulting Partner

2017.02    Group & Affiliates Websites Maintenance & Support


2016.10     Provided AWS Consulting / Management / Billing Service for BGC Partners and its affiliates (~ Current)

2016.03     Provide Web Support / Consulting  for BGC Partners and its affiliates (~ Current)


2013.03     SAUDI ARAMCO King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, IT Area Projects QAO /QC 

2013.03     Established TRIZE Consulting, LTD 


2021.02    제일기획 삼성전자 뉴스룸 개발/유지보수


2020.10    Giftistar 대고객 시스템 AWS 통합 빌링
2020.09    현대 그린파워 기간계 시스템 (ERP,
                 그룹웨어 등) AWS 클라우드 마이그레이션
2020.08    현대그린파워 발전소운영시스템(POMS)
                 클라우드 기반 고도화 개발 프로젝트
2020.08    위치기반 음식주문 플랫폼 개발
2020.07    하이브리드 클라우드 아키텍처 기반
                 Poten & Partners의 LPG/LNG Business
                 Intelligent System 개발
2020.03    하이브리드 클라우드 아키텍처기반
                 BGC Partners의 환경 상품 트레이딩
                 (EBS Trading Sysyem) Phase 2 개발


2019.11    강서R&D 센터(WSDC) 오픈
2019.10    SK하이닉스 반도체 Workplace BPM 개발
2019.05    하이브리드 클라우드 아키텍처 기반
                 BGC Partners의 Trading System 개발
                 (BGC Environmental Brokerage System)
2019.03    AMAZON AWS 채널 리셀러/AMAZON
                 AWS 솔루션 프로바이더


2017.05     AMAZON AWS Standard
                 Consulting Partner
2017.02    그룹 계열사 홈페이지 개발/유지보수
                 (*현재까지 총 17개 개발중)


2016.10    미국 Global Top Tier 금융 그룹사인 BGC
                 Partners의 AWS Consulting
                 / Management / Billing 서비스 (~ 현재)
2016.03     미국 Global Top Tier 금융 그룹사인
                 BGC Partners의 Web Support /
                 Consulting 서비스 제공 (~ 현재)


2013.03     SAUDI ARAMCO King Abdulaziz Center
                 for World Culture, IT 부분 프로젝트
                 QAO /QC
2013.03    (주)트라이즈컨설팅 설립