Reference Cases

Environmental product (CO2, REC, Carbon, etc.) trading system

The environmental product trading system (ie. carbon trading system) operated by a global top tier investment finance company As it was operated in a legacy data center with lagging underlying technology, its usability and operability were poor, making it difficult for traders to perform their work.

Through the first and second developments using new technology and AWS Cloud, we have built an improved trading process, significantly increased environmental products, and a trading system with improved usability.

15 years old legacy energy trading system(Co2, REC, Carbon, Etc.)

Requires business logic updates based on new business process re-engineering

Old technology based on C++ & MSSQL and require major security and vulnerability upgrade

Need GUI design update and new energy trading system homepage

Linux/Java/AWS Cloud Based Environment Trading System

Infinitely changeable product combinations / Support for multiple traders (or teams) / Support for more than 50 trading types / Added new features and improved major features, including support for 3 commission calculation methods

Minimize license cost based on Linux, Java and MySQL

Cloud architecture and application security that meets the security requirements of the US financial sector (Pen. Test, SAML 2.0 based SSO, etc.)

Redevelopment of homepage to introduce trading system with new design and single technology base (WordPress, PHP, etc.)

100% Remote Offshore Development

Support for more than 50 types of transactions

Support for multiple traders (or teams) by Sell and Buy Side

Infinite environmental product combinations / simultaneous transaction of up to 8 products

Supports 3 methods (fixed/rate/quantity) commission calculation method

Automatic entry of special transaction details by transaction type

Transaction approval / rejection / modification function

Transaction result PDF document generation and automatic email sending function

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