Reference Cases

Legacy System Migration to Cloud

Client with a data center in a remote area had number of challenges since they did not have a dedicated data center, which was located within their operation center.

They also had a difficult time finding the skilled resources, keeping up to date with security patches and managing security policies, and managing frequent outages.

To mitigate all these issues, the client had decided to move to a AWS cloud solution and mitigated security, stability, and operation related issues.

6~10 years old Legacy System ERP, Groupware, equipment and system

Operating Federated data center model

Difficult to find skilled engineers for system, server, network architecture/implementation/operation in remote locaion based data center

Outdate Security & Infrastructure

Insufficent Storage Space and High Upgrade Costs

Invulnerability due to utilizing outdated & EOD OS/DB

Ineffcient work environment due to frequent outages and restart

Victim of frequent Hacking/Virus/Ransomware attacks

Legacy System Migration to AWS Cloud

Managed by system experts in each area (i.e. System, Server, Network, Etc.)

Developed using verified technology & suoftware : Linux, MySQL

Enhanced Server & Network Security

Latest OS/DB with continuous patch updates & Maintenance

Provides 24hx365d Online(Offshore) Monitoring, Maintenance & Support

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