Reference Cases

Website WordPress/Cloud-based Integration and Migration

The websites of over 60 affiliates of a global top-tier investment finance group, are based on different technologies.

As it is scattered in data centers around the world, the stability and operation of each affiliate's website was very poor.

By consolidating these websites into on WordPress and AWS Cloud, and building and operating them in AWS, stability and operability have been dramatically improved.

60 financial affiliates worldwide

Each affiliated company, different website technology / infrastructure environment and operating entity

Small website down and maintenance issues

Building a single website operating environment based on WordPress / cloud

Cloud Consulting and Architecture (AWS)

Unification of operating environment infrastructure into AWS Cloud

Cloud architecture that meets the security requirements of the US financial sector

Cloud-based remote development / operation of over 60 websites scattered around the world (24x365)​

24hx365d Offshore monitoring, maintenance support service provided​

Remote Offshore Development

AWS Cloud Migration

Integration of WordPress-based homepage environment

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